Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We will never use fake or false materials. Any material that is synthethic in origin (Lab Grown Diamond, Carbon Fiber, Trustone, etc.) will be designated as such.

For the majority of the Doubloons, yes we refurbish Doubloons that have seen normal wear and tear free of charge. Some damage may not be able to be refurbished due to the extent of the damage or the material composition of some Doubloons. We are happy to work with you on a case by case basis, so if you have questions please reach out.

Some Doubloons are considered collectibles. Like other sports collectibles, the value of these items is largely determined by their rareness, serial number, and condition. In order to honor the value of the collectors who have kept their Doubloons in top condition we do not offer refinishing of these Limited Edition Doubloons. However, we do stand behind our craftsmanship. If your Doubloon has an issue that’s due to a manufacturing defect we will be happy to work with you to correct the issue.

Please reach out to with any questions.

Limited Edition Doubloons are sports collectibles. They are intentionally rare and we will never make the same Limited Edition Doubloon after it has been sold out.

All Doubloons can be cleaned with standard jewelry cleaner with the exception of Meteorite. Meteorite should be cleaned with soap and water.

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