Ethics & Sustainability

Ethical Sourcing: Our Commitment to Sustainability and Responsibility

At Doubloon, we are deeply committed to ethical sourcing practices. We believe in creating beautiful products out of rare materials but also uphold our values of sustainability, responsibility, and respect for the environment. With that in mind, we ensure that each material used in our creations is ethically sourced, meeting the highest standards of integrity.

Antler: The antler we use in our designs is obtained from natural sheds. We take great care in collecting antler that has been naturally discarded by animals.

Diamonds: Our commitment to ethical sourcing extends to our diamond selection. We work exclusively with reputable suppliers who adhere to strict ethical standards. Our diamonds are carefully mined from sources that follow responsible mining practices. These mines are committed to environmental preservation, safe working conditions, and fair treatment of workers. We firmly believe that the brilliance of diamonds should never come at the expense of human rights or environmental well-being.

Protected Hardwoods: The protected hardwoods used in our creations are sourced with utmost care. We exclusively work with licensed and permitted suppliers who procure fallen trees from authorized sources. 

Metals: Our metals are sourced from responsible suppliers who share our values. We prioritize working with partners who uphold strict standards of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and transparency.

At Doubloon, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional pieces that not only reflect exquisite artistry but also embody our principles of ethical sourcing. We invite you to choose our creations with confidence, knowing that they have been crafted with a deep respect for nature, human rights, and sustainability.